Staff Feedback Form on Digital Social Care Records

Closes 30 Apr 2025

Opened 31 Oct 2023


A Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) is the digital recording of care information and care received by an individual, within a social care setting, replacing traditional paper records. This is sometimes called an electronic care plan, electronic care record or electronic care management.

The Digitising Social Care Records initiative is being managed by NHSEngland.  The aim is to support those care providers to move to approved digital solutions.  This has several benefits locally as well as bigger benefits through the ultimate use of a Shared Care Record.  This allows everyone involved in a person’s care to see appropriate information to help with that care.

Why your views matter

We want to hear your feedback on what it is like to work with a digital social care record system. Your answers will help us improve our delivery of projects like the Digitisation in Social Care project and allow us to understand how digital social care records have impacted carers in Somerset. 

We appreciate the time you are taking to answer these questions and look forward to hearing your responses. 

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