Mendip Local Plan Part II Limited Update - Regulation 18

Closed 12 Apr 2024

Opened 28 Feb 2024


The Somerset Development Plan relating to the former Mendip District Council area currently includes the Mendip Local Plan Part I 2006 – 2029 (LPP1) which was adopted 15 December 2014 and Local Plan Part II (LPP2) which was adopted in December 2021. 

Following a Judicial Review of the LPP2, the High Court ordered the deletion of five site allocations on 16 December 2022 and required that the Council review and reconsider allocations to meet the district wide requirement for 505 dwellings in accordance with Core Policies 1 and 2 of LPP1; and in light of the review, prepare and publish modifications to LPP2 which allocate sites and submit these for examination. The remainder of the LPP2 is not affected. Details of the High Court Order can be found on the Mendip Adopted Local Plans page.

Somerset Council agreed on 10 July 2023 to undertake a ‘Limited Update’ of the Mendip LPP2 to comply with the directions of the High Court Order. The Council must prepare and publish the LPP2 Limited Update in accordance with the legal requirements of the plan-making process.  In particular with the requirements of section 19 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (“2004 Act”), and Regulations 18 and 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. 

Purpose of the consultation
This public consultation invites responses on the proposed site allocations consultation report (regulation 18) and supporting documents.  The report sets out the Council’s approach to the review of site options and identifies housing allocations to meet a requirement for 505 dwellings. Full details of consultation arrangements can be found in the Regulation 18 Consultation Statement.

Consultation Documents
The main consultation documents which make up this consultation are

All documents can be found on the Mendip Adopted Local Plans page.

Inspection copies of documents are available at the Shape Mendip offices in Shepton Mallet. Documents be viewed online from other Council Access Points (CAP) – see consultation notice for local CAPs and online for locations/opening times.

What you can comment on
The Council is inviting responses on its approach and the proposed sites and changes proposed in the consultation report. The Council will not take into account comments on other policies in LPP1 and LPP2 already adopted, sites in other areas of Somerset or detailed comments on sites subject to planning applications. You will need to register and to submit comments separately on applications on this page.  

A  Sustainability Appraisal Report and Habitat Regulations Assessment have also been published for consultation and are open for comment.

How to respond
Please complete the online survey form on the link below.

You can also email responses to, or post to Planning Policy, Council Offices, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5BT. The consultation is open from Wednesday 28 February to 5pm Friday 12 April 2024.

For information or advice, please email

Next Steps
Responses will be considered in preparing final proposals for Publication and Submission to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. This Limited Update is subject to timescales agreed by the High Court which require publication of final proposals (Regulation 19) for representations by 30th June 2024 and submission of the Limited Update by 30th September 2024.

To keep informed on the progress of the  Mendip Local Plan Part II Limited Update and future consultations you will need to subscribe to the Somerset Plan-it Newsletter.

Why your views matter

The consultation only makes proposals in the former Mendip District (Somerset East) area and is intended to:

  • ensure that views of statutory consultees, communities and other stakeholders are captured and considered.
  • inform the final proposals for inclusion in the Local Plan Part II.
  • demonstrate that consultation has been undertaken to comply with the High Court Order, the Somerset Statement of Community Involvement and to fulfil the legal requirements set out in planning and environmental legislation.