Digital Switchover

Closed 31 May 2024

Opened 1 Dec 2023


The way in which your Lifeline system works in your home will be changing. This is because of work taking place across the country which is called ‘Digital Switchover.’  

The national phone network is being upgraded. By 2025 all old telephone lines (copper wired lines) will be switched off as the UK’s telephone services are upgraded to digital lines. This means that your home will need a ‘broadband’ connection to make a telephone call.

Most lifeline alarms currently work by connecting you to the telephone network through the older phone lines. However, once your telephone network is upgraded to digital, your lifeline alarm will no longer work. Some phone lines have already been switched over.

What does this mean?

The phone into your home will be replaced by broadband. 

Providers such as BT, Sky and Jurassic Fibre are already offering this to its customers. 

Your Lifeline will not work over these new digital connections.

Any healthcare devices that currently use your phone line may no longer work.

You may not be protected if you have a power cut. 

What do I need to do?

Regarding your Lifeline service, please do not worry. The machine will continue to work until the telephone line is upgraded. We will contact you early next year to arrange for your machine to be replaced and ensure it is ready for the switchover. Please remember that you can test your Lifeline machine by pressing your pendant at anytime.


Why your views matter

To help ensure you’re ready for the changes, we have included a short questionnaire for customers to fill out. This will allow us to support customers throughout the transition