Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation Somerset North

Closed 8 Dec 2023

Opened 27 Oct 2023


What is a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)?


A PSPO is an order that is enforceable under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. They are used to protect the public from behaviour that is having, or is likely to have, a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality and is, or is likely to be, persistent and unreasonable.


What is the Purpose of this Consultation?


The purpose of the consultation is to seek any views regarding a proposal to extend the existing orders and the addition of several new orders, for three years, the dog fouling and dog control provisions for the Somerset North area.


The Public Spaces Protection Order for dogs in the Somerset North area (former Sedgemoor District Council Area) are due for renewal in December 2023.


Your views are invited as to whether the provisions should to be extended, additional restrictions applied or restrictions lifted/ameneded for 3 years (the maximum permitted) timeframe.


What does the PSPO require or restrict?


If you need a paper copy please call the Council on 0300 123 2224 and we will arrange for one to be posted to you. You can also see a copy of the draft PSPO at the following locations:


  • Bridgwater House reception, King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3AR.
  • Bridgwater Library, Binford Place, Bridgwater TA6 3LF.
  • Burnham-on-Sea Library, 1 Princess St, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 1EH.
  • Cheddar Library, Union Street, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3NB.
  • Nether Stowey Library, Castle Street, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater TA5 1NE.
  • North Petherton Community Library, Small Hall, North Petherton Community Centre, Fore Street, North Petherton TA6 6QA.


In broad terms, the effect of this PSPO is:


  • Dog Fouling - Requires every person in charge of a dog to pick up dog faeces after their dog fouls, and properly dispose of it – this applies to all public places to which the public have access (including all public parks, pavements, footpaths etc). This is felt necessary to ensure there is an adequate remedy to deal with dog fouling which is both an antisocial behaviour and public health issue.


  • Dog Exclusion Areas prohibit any person from taking their dog in to any enclosed children’s play area and certain playing fields and multi-use games areas. These areas are proposed as dog banning areas to ensure that young children have set aside areas where dogs are not permitted and also areas where sports are played.  This is to reduce the risk of dog fouling in these areas and alarm that can be caused to some young children by large or uncontrolled dogs in play areas.


  • Dogs to be Kept on Leads – Require a person to have their dog on lead. These cover the Esplanade in Burnham Sea and a number of public parks.  These areas are proposed as they are generally quite busy and where members of the public may wish to sit/spend time in good weather where closer control of dogs is felt beneficial to reduce incidents.

These provisions are subject to some exemptions, for example applicable to people with certain disabilities and in respect of assistance dogs. There are also general defences of having ‘reasonable excuse’ and/or having the permission of the owner / occupier of the land where applicable.